How to Detect Deepfake Videos?



A perfect deepfake video will almost be impossible to spot due to the deep learning work being performed on it. However, deepfake videos may be easily identified if some measures are being considered.

A lot of research is being carried out to find a clue to spot even the perfect deepfake videos. Some are detected through mouth movement and the unnatural blinking of the eyes along with other qualities in such videos.

Without further ado, let’s look at some basic things to watch out for in order to easily detect deepfake videos.

Berkeley Research-Detect Deepfake Videos
Berkeley Research

From an Unnatural Eye Movement

The first thing you would notice is the eye movements that do not look natural or a lack of eye movement balance or control. You can easily spot it through an absence of blinking.

It’s very difficult to replicate the act of blinking in a way that looks natural. Also, it is not so easy to replicate a real person’s eye movements. You cannot take the way someone looks or sees things with something else.

From an Unnatural Facial Expression

facial expression-Detect Deepfake Videosfacial expression

When you’re watching a video, make sure to look at the facial expression to ensure it’s natural, not a mere facial morphing. Face morphing can easily be spotted or detected when a stitch of an image or a photo has been placed over another.

Also, when the position of the eyes is not rightly set, it’s a red flag for an awkward facial-feature positioning. In addition, if a person’s facial look is abnormal, like the eyes looking in one direction and the nose in a shifted position, you can consider such a video or photo a deepfake one.

Videos or Photos With Zero Emotions

One of those things to also look out for is the inability of a character’s facial expression in a video or image to exhibit the normal emotion that should go along with the expression.

Likewise, the shape of the body. If someone’s body shape does not look natural or there’s an inconsistent positioning of the head and body, it is a sign that such a video is a deepfake.

Abnormal Body Movement

If a video character looks distorted, especially when the body moves awkwardly in a particular direction, it is a sign that the video is a deepfake.

Skin Color Effect

Skin color is another spotting point to detect in a deepfake video or photo. If there’s excessive color decoration or abnormal skin tone, it’s likely such a video is a deepfake.

Also, when the hair doesn’t look flyaway, you should know it’s not a natural video or photo.

Blurring or Misalignment

If the edges of images or a character in a video are blurry or visuals are misaligned —  for instance, where someone’s face and neck meet their body, you’ll know something is amiss.


There are many ways you can detect whether a video or a photo has been deeply faked or not. All you need to do is to register all these red flags in your mind.

With these tips, you can easily spot or detect deepfake content. You can also try comparing some videos to see the results.

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