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Have you wondered what it’s required to create a deepfake video, especially a perfect deepswap video? In this guide, you will learn the tips to put into consideration when creating a perfect deepfake video and image.

Depending on why you want to create a deepfake video, there are many things that go into creating a perfect deepfake project. However, if you’re creating a deepfake with an image, the tips needed may not be as complex as a deepfake video project.

So without further ado, let’s look at the tips needed to create a perfect deepfake video. But before that, let’s see why it’s good to have a perfect deepfake video.

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Why It Is Necessary to Create a Perfect Deepfake Video?

Generally, creating a perfect project of any kind is necessary to get the best out of them. Likewise, deepfake videos, when you’re creating your deepfake video, you always make sure you’re on top of it to get the best.

Secondly, having known that the deepfake concept is to make people believe that a project, although fake, should look real, you would ensure you make a perfect one that looks original with little or no trace.

Tips Required to Create a Perfect Deepfake Video

Use, a Deepfake Online Website

Tips Required to Creat a Perfect Deepfake Video

The first step to creating good quality and perfect deepfake video is to use the right software for your project. is an online software website mainly for creating astonishing deepfake projects.

It allows users to create free deepfake videos and images. And if you want more out of your deepfake project, it’ll require you to buy a plan that gives full access to all the major features to create a perfect deepfake video of your choice.

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Get a Quality Video

Quality begets quality! If you want to create a perfect deepfake video, ensure you have a high-quality original video to use. Do not use a blurry video or a video with a low-quality display.

Get a Video That Has the Same Lighting Condition

Use videos with similar lighting conditions in your deepfake project if you want to get a perfect deepfake video. This is because light affects the color of video scenes and casts shadows on the character in the video, especially the hard ones that are not easy to match. To achieve this you need to use a three-dimensional understanding of the character’s facial geometry, which needs to be learned from two-dimensional videos.

Get Videos of People With Similar Look

It is far beyond the simple concept of “face”. Also, artificial face items like makeup, glasses, and beards could create more problems. It is particularly difficult to use faces with features that go outside the face itself (such as long beards or occluding hair), as they will be cut out.

Make Use of People With Similar Skin Tones

If you want to make a perfect deepfake video, ensure you put skin tones into consideration. So it’s very difficult for viewers to differentiate it from the original videos.

By using similar characters’ skin tones in your video, the edges of the person’s face align smoothly in a rather primitive way.


A perfect deepfake video may require a lot of input, but getting the best out of something is always worth the effort at work.

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