Have You Ever Thought About How Videos Are Edited in Deepfakes?

Have You Ever Thought About How Videos Are Edited in Deepfakes? post thumbnail image

This innovative AI technology creates so much more. With a single selfie, you can be anyone and anywhere.

What Is Deepfake?

The traditional Chinese face-changing skill is done through masks, while the face-changing in Deepfakes is realized by AI technology. It replaces one person’s facial features with a video made by another person. There is no sense of disobedience, which is eye-opening. Just like pictures, videos can be “PS” too. From the perspective of the development trend of technology, Deepfake will definitely get a boost.

What Is Deepfake

How Deepfakes Are Created?

Machine learning is the main means of making a deepfake, which expedites the process and cut the cost. Deepfake is a combination of multiple technologies, and it’s based on an autoencoder. Autoencoder is a type of artificial neural network used to learn efficient codings of unlabeled data. The encoding is validated and refined by attempting to regenerate the input from the encoding. To generate a deepfake video, developers need to build a computational model by training on hours of footage of the target to obtain a more natural merging effect.

How to Make a Deepfake Without Coding?

There are apps like Zao, Reface, Facemagic, and online websites like Deepswap, and Deepfakesweb that can help you make a deepfake video. Let’s take Deepswap as an example and check the steps to make a nice face swap.

Deepfake Step 1:

Deepswap deepfakes tutorial step 1
Deepswap tutorial step 1

Open the site HERE

Upload the original video/photo/GIF/meme you want to swap with.

Recommended Size & Length:

Video: Max 100 MB, 120 s

Photo: Max 10 MB

GIF: Max 15 MB

Deepfake Step 2:

Deepswap deepfakes tutorial step 2Deepswap tutorial step 2

Add A Face you want to swap which can be a selfie or a portrait of someone.

Deepfake Step 3:

Deepswap deepfakes tutorial step 3Deepswap tutorial step 3

Press the Create bottom.

Deepfake Step 4:

Deepswap deepfakes tutorial step 4Deepswap tutorial step 4

Save the Deepfake or Upload the next file.

Let Deepfake Go Further

For the progress of AI research, the scientific community must be able to collaborate with cutting-edge models to effectively explore their promise while looking for any loopholes. Collaboration across research organizations is critical to the responsible development of deepfake AI systems and deepfake detection mechanisms.

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