Top 4 Alternatives for FaceMagic

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FaceMagic, an app that lets you add different faces to your photos and videos, has been a staple for video editors and meme creators for years. But with its recent not-so-good reviews, what are you supposed to use instead? Here are four alternatives that are just as good (or even better). Please keep reading to find out!


DeepSwap is an excellent online face-swapping tool that you can use effortlessly to create exceptional output. Also, it allows you to upload your video and swap it with any face you desire. The following are its pros and cons.


· Face swap in a sec (quickly)

· High-quality face-swapping effects

· Easy-to-use

· No download is required

· No watermark

· Excellent customer experience

· 100% data privacy and good data security


· Only 20 credits per month

· The length of the video is limited to a maximum of 120s


You can use FaceApp to morph faces visible in photographs to make them grin, alter their aging and alter their gender accordingly. The following are its pros and cons.


A lot of benefits come with the installation of FaceApp.

· You can use the output for professional purposes.

· You can add impressions and manipulate the photos.

· You may also change the hair color and smile while adding a beard and other similar stuff to the photo.


· Data privacy issues

· Racism (negative reviews by some users)

· Ethnicity filters


The Reface app is famous all over the world for being a humorous face-swapping app that also has superior camera features. It supplies a constant stream of comedic content, including humorous videos, GIFs, photographs, and memes.

Mainly, Reface is used for social media purposes. Reface app has certain perks and, naturally, some drawbacks as well. The following are its pros and cons.


· They have good privacy.

· You may edit photos or swap faces on them.

· They don’t use any face recognition software.


· Numerous ads on free versions.

· Slow processing.


It is also a website where you can swap faces with the videos of your choice. The following are its pros and cons.


· A unique algorithm that reads your uploaded content successfully and accurately.

· A vast number of users.

· Good customer reviews.

· Real-time application.


· Server issue (reported by some users).

· Privacy issue.

· Security issue.


With more accurate facial recognition software, we can expect to see even more apps and websites that let us change our appearances. With FaceMagic losing its touch, its alternatives are beginning to grow. The good news is that there are plenty of great options, so you can find one that fits your needs. For instance, when it comes to deepfake technology and AI face-swapping applications, a good option in the market is DeepSwap.

Have you tried any of these face-changing tools? Let us know in the comments!

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