10 Best Celebrity Deepfake Videos That Will Amaze Everyone

With the development of technology, deepfake has been widely known to the public. Various deepfake videos are also common. Although some people expressed panic about this, most people still love deepfakes. This article will showcase 10 examples of the most engaging celebrity deepfake videos made by DeepSwap.ai, a popular online deepfake tool. While deepfake technology is still taking its first step in our global society, its impact is already being felt in the entertainment industry, spreading widely to social media and other forms of internet communication. Since its release in 2021, DeepSwap has been refining new methods to revolutionize the deepfake creation process. Their R&D team has greatly shortened the deepfake production time and improved the quality of the output, which has enabled them to gain a large number of loyal users. Enough talk, let’s explore and dive into the realm between reality and imagination created by DeepSwap.ai.

1. Rihanna’s Bikini Show

We all know Rihanna is the sexy queen. But have you seen the short video of Rihanna’s pure and sexy swimsuit show? Deepfake tech adds variety to Rihanna’s beauty.

Rihanna’s Bikini Show made by DeepSwap

2. Take a Deep Breath Into Kylie Jenner

Many face-swapping videos are experiments designed to test the limits of deepfake techniques, but also offer new possibilities for celebrity looks. Kylie Jenner looks fat in this video? This doesn’t seem like a bad thing. The plump look is more feminine.

Kylie Jenner’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

3. A Shinning Landscape of Margot Robbie

From stunner to Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie will never let you down. In the deepfake video, she is still a dazzling landscape. Green suits her perfectly, right?

Margot Robbie’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

4. The Hot Attack of Spiderman’s Girlfriend

Not sure if Zendaya will be pleasant to see this video. Most people mocked her as a “child”, and deepfake made her look “grown-up”.

Zendaya’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

5. Magic Makes Emma Watson More Gorgeous

When Hermione graduated from Hogwarts, did you imagine the changes in the Little Witch? Advances in face-swapping technology make Emma Watson a perfect fit for this perfect body.

Emma Watson’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

6. Your Tennis Coach Taylor Swift

Would you continue to be lazy if celebrities took you to exercise? In addition to making interesting videos, deepfake enhances your physical fitness in this regard. For example, in this video, Taylor Swift teaches you to play tennis, which I believe you will definitely learn.

Taylor Swift’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

7. Kristen Stewart Shoots Your Heart

Have you forgotten the beauty of Kristen Stewart, only remember her tomboy look? Use deepfake technology to restore the appearance of your favorite

Kristen Stewart’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

8. American Sweetheart Scarlett Johansson

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Scarlett? Is there anyone who doesn’t like such a lovely and charming Scarlett? I dare say that with deepfake technology, the final result is perfect no matter who Scarlett swaps face with.

Scarlett Johansson’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

9. Elizabeth Olsen in the Woods

Marvel’s heroines are always so charming, and the Scarlet Witch is no exception. Elizabeth Olsen in the video looks tender. Thanks to deepfake for letting us see the diversity of characters. I’m sure everyone would be jealous of that tree.

Elizabeth Olsen’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

10. Growing up Moments for Grotesque Girls

Grotesque is a fascinating part of youth. A talented woman doesn’t need a sexy body because she is sexy. It’s just that deepfake lets us see another kind of beauty. It also looks good to Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish’s deepfake video made by DeepSwap

You might say that this looks similar to the excellent deepfake examples on the web. But what I’m trying to say is that the videos you’ve watched are basically individually trained and made using sophisticated AI face-swapping technology. For ordinary people, such a video is difficult to do by themselves. The celebrity deepfake videos shown in this article are all made through the online deepfake website DeepSwap. No need to envy the amazing results of deepfake videos made by others, or worry about the poor results generated by other deepfake tools.No matter who you are, no matter where are, no matter whether you use a mobile phone or a computer, just enter the website www.deepswap.ai, and you can make a face swap video with the same exquisite effect with one click.

So how to use DeepSwap to make deepfake videos? Below is the official tutorial video, it’s very simple, and I’m sure you will make the video you want very easily.

DeepSwap tutorial video

You may be concerned that deepfake videos can cause serious problems, but I believe most people use deepfake tools for fun. We can revive dead relatives and friends or favorite celebrities through face-swapping technology, and it can also help us realize our dream of performing on the stage with idols. If you want to be an actor, you can also play your favorite movies and roles through deepfake. The DeepSwap site mentioned in this article is user-friendly and can be used for research purposes. You can use these services to explore machine learning, image recognition, computer vision, and of course, have fun. Here are 10 celebrity deepfake cases and deepfake tools we currently recommend. If you are interested in learning more, come to DeepSwap.ai! You will find a lot of gems here. We’d request our readers to be mindful while using this tool and not use them for ill.

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