How Long Does It Take to Make a Deepfake?

How Long Does It Take to Make a Deepfake? post thumbnail image

In the past, only those with broad knowledge of computer programming can engage deepfake projects. And it requires a lot of effort and time to put together any meaningful deepfake projects.

However, as technology advances,  a lot of solutions have been provided to ease man’s activities. Today, almost anybody with an android mobile phone and internet access can make a perfect deepfake video or photo of their choice.

So, we will show you how fast and easy it would be to create a deepfake project with zero knowledge of computer programming.

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Is There Any Basic Time-Frame?

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As this technology is concerned, nobody can really determine a specific time frame it will take to complete a video or photo deepfake project. That being said, the period spent on a particular project could be linked to some factors which are very essential to consider.

The duration or time frame for photo or GIF deepfakes may be different from how long it would take to complete a video deepfake. Some factors to watch out for when creating a deepfake project are as follows:

Type of Website in Use

Today, there are many software applications and websites that allow users to create deepfake projects with different time frames because of power and engine difference.

For instance, has been found to be very powerful to render deepfake projects at a faster rate, even in a few seconds. And HERE is the best tutorial on

Therefore, the capacity and efficiency of a deepfake software will determine the speed and rate at which deepfakes projects are produced.

Powerful and Strong Computer System or Smart Phone

The capacity of a computer can also determine when a deepfake video or photo renders. Strong and powerful laptops are mostly used for good-quality deepfakes, and they render faster.

A high-tech gadget will easily improve and better assist deepfake software to work at its peak with the best result in mind.

Also, mobile phones, a powerful smartphone could speed up the rate at which a deepfake renders when it is used with the right deepfake software app like the FaceMagic app.

The Type of Deepfake Project You Are Working On

A simple photo deep swap may take less effort and a quicker rate to render than a video deepfake. For example, a simple photo deepfake will render within a few seconds compared to a video deepfake.

The number of photos or videos rendering at a time could also slow or speed up the time spent when making a deepfake project.

Likewise quality, a perfect deepfake video or photo with high quality will render at a slower rate because of several calculations being performed by deepfake algorithms. Some major processes are extraction, training, conversion, and rendering.


There are various factors that could determine how fast a deepfake project renders. The duration is a function of many factors which are inevitably considered.

Also, the cost to render a deepfake project could determine the time frame. However, different platforms with different swapping cost plans.

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