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1. Where Can I Download DeepSwap App?

Currently, DeepSwap is only available on a website. There are several reasons why DeepSwap was designed as a deepfake website instead of a deepfake app. Firstly, as we all know, apps usually have certain requirements for phone models or operating systems. In other words, a deepfake app may not be used on all devices. However, being an online deepfake tool, DeepSwap is compatible with all mobile devices, which makes it available to all. Secondly, we all have been in such a situation: some apps on our mobile devices are only used occasionally, but they really take up memory if we decide to keep them. In order to solve this problem, DeepSwap developers decided to make DeepSwap into a website rather than a deep swap app, so that users can swap any face whenever they want without any download. Lastly, we are all annoyed by the constant notifications sent to us by those apps we signed up with before. However, DeepSwap being an online tool will not bombard you with all kinds of notifications, which offers you an excellent user experience.

2. Why Should I Choose Deepswap Over Other Deepfake Apps?

We are currently the best deepfake tool available on the market. We are proud of our straightforward user interface, which makes it easy for all to explore the tool themselves. Our short processing time and high-quality output set us apart from other deep swap apps, thanks to our advanced face swap algorithms and AI models. In addition, DeepSwap also values user privacy and devotes itself to protecting user privacy as hard as it can. Therefore, you are recommended to choose us over other deep fake apps.

3. How Can I Use DeepSwap?

As an online face-swapping tool rather than a deepswap app, DeepSwap is rather user-friendly as the things you need to start your own deepfake journey are a mobile device and a good Internet connection. Here is a brief tutorial for you. Firstly, click here to visit our website. Secondly, Sign in or Log in with your email address. Thirdly, Choose a monthly or yearly plan. (You also receive two free credits for a free trial) Fourthly, Upload the image/video/GIF that you want to swap. Fifthly, Add the face that you want to swap with from the memory of your device. Lastly, Wait for the process to complete and get ready to download your realistic deepfake creation.

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