FaceMagic Is Gone? Alternatives for It

FaceMagic is a popular face swap app. However, it was recently removed from the Apple Store. This means that you can’t use it if you are an iOS user. So, is FaceMagic gone?

This article will provide you with an answer and also share some alternatives for you.

What Is FaceMagic?

FaceMagic is a popular face swap app that enables users to effortlessly swap faces in photos, GIFs and videos.

With its intuitive interface and advanced face swapping technology, FaceMagic allows users to create fun and entertaining face swap images with just a few clicks. Whether you want to swap faces with friends, family members, or your favorite person, FaceMagic provides a seamless and enjoyable face swapping experience.


FaceMagic Is Gone?


To be honest, FaceMagic is still available for users. You can download it on Google Play if you are an Android user.

However, we have noticed that the face swap feature has been removed. Instead, now you can use it to:

  • Turn selfies into anime style
  • Cartoon your vlogs
  • Create your own AI videos

Sounds terrible? The good news is that FaceMagic now has a web version, focusing on face swap just like before.

Pricing: For $9.99 per month, you can enjoy 200 image face swaps or 200 seconds of video face swaps. For more discounts, you can opt for the annual plan at $49.99, which comes down to $4.17 per month.

FaceMagic has a free trial when you sign up, but only for some demo materials.

Alternatives for Face Swapping

Here are some alternative options for face swapping that you can consider.


Deepswap AI is an online face swap website that offers a free trial upon signing up. Additionally, you can download it from Google Play.

It allows you to swap faces in images, GIFs, and videos, with support for videos up to 10 minutes long and 500 MB in size. The process for AI face swapping is simple and quick, providing high-definition results.


  • Face shape keeper and Face shape transformer.
  • Group face swapping in videos is also supported.
  • HD face.
  • Fast generation speed.

As a first-time subscriber, you can enjoy up to 50% off. Purchase an annual plan and pay just $4.17 per month.


Reface is a popular app that allows users to create face swap videos and GIFs using AI technology. This is a really funny face swap tool. With it, you can superimpose your faces onto various videos, movie scenes, music videos, and popular GIFs, creating humorous and creative content.

When you sign up, you will receive 4 free credits that can only be used for face swapping photos. If you wish to unlock all features, you will need to purchase a premium membership, which costs $29.99 per month for unlimited photo face swaps.

Highlight: A wide variety of features are available, including face swapping, restyling, and talking head, all designed to bring a touch of humor and entertainment.

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It’s an online face swap platform offering a daily free trial. The standout feature of this tool is that no sign-up is required to access its face swap service.

Additionally, this website does not store any face swap results, so be sure to download your face swap photos before exiting the site.


  • Achieve up to 90% similarity in the final face swap results.
  • Enjoy fast generation speed, typically taking only about 5 seconds to swap one photo.
  • Experience an ad-free environment.
  • Final results are free from any watermarks.


Faceswapper is an online application designed for swapping faces in both photos and GIFs. It excels particularly in face swapping photos, offering users 10 credits daily upon signing up. Additionally, the app provides a selection of preset templates for added convenience.


  • Receive 10 free credits daily upon signing up. Even without signing up, visitors to the website can still obtain 6 credits.
  • Access to preset templates.
  • Enjoy an ad-free and watermark-free experience.

FAQs about FaceMagic AI

1.Is FaceMagic worth to Invest?

Investing in FaceMagic can be worthwhile if you enjoy creating entertaining face swap images and videos.

It offers a range of features and tools for face swapping, turning selfies into anime-style portraits, cartoonizing vlogs, and generating personalized AI videos. Consider your interest in these features and the level of creativity you wish to explore before deciding to invest in FaceMagic.

2.How to Face Swap on FaceMagic?

Performing a face swap on FaceMagic is a straightforward process.

Simply upload your files, making sure they adhere to the specified limits (10 minutes and 500 MB for videos, 10 MB for photos, and 15 MB for GIFs). Next, add the faces you want to swap and select either the standard model or advanced model. After that, wait a few seconds for the final results to be generated.

3.Any Tips for Getting Stunning Face Swap Videos?

For the best face swap results, consider the following tips:

  • Opt for Sharp and Clear Images: Choose face images that are sharp and clear to avoid blur or pixelation.
  • Maintain Balanced Exposure: Ensure that the image is neither overexposed (too bright) nor underexposed (too dark) for optimal results.
  • Select Full-Face Views: Use images where the entire face is visible, as side views or half-face images may not produce the best outcomes.


FaceMagic is still available and can be accessed through its website, offering users a seamless experience beyond the app. Moreover, the platform now provides larger discounts to entice new users.

If you’re considering a face swap app, alternatives like Deepswap and Reface also offer excellent features and functionalities worth exploring.

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