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Recently, metaverse became a major topic on the internet, especially through Facebook and its activities. Although the name has been in existence since 1992 when author Neal Stephenson first used it in his ‘Snow Crash’ novel.

Since then, many assumptions have been made to visualize its realm. As it’s becoming enlarged and known, it is said to create a hyperreal alternative world for people to coexist.

It got more attention when Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced he’s changing the name of the most engaged social media platform, from Facebook to metaverse. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about metaverse technology. Don’t forget to check our deepswap website.

What Is Metaverse?

What Is Metaverse?

The metaverse is a sphere consisting of aggregate elements of technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality and videos. It is a digital universe where users live and are represented as personalized avatars.

It gives users synchronous representations or identities which make them look real rather than mere symbols. Furthermore, it gives reality to the virtual activities of users as though it’s the real world.

What Makes up Metaverse?

The metaverse is made up of a virtual world where users engage socially such as through social media interaction, online gaming, virtual dispositions, augmented reality, digital currency utilization and so on.

The Purpose of Metaverse

The goal of the metaverse is to ensure a shifted dimension into an advanced digitized space where users can take control of their wealth, social activities, productions, shopping, entertainment and general daily activities.

When Is It Likely to Surface?

The metaverse is expected to surface, as estimated by Facebook CEO to take up to 10 years before the major components of the project go live or enter the mainstream.

However, some features are already live. Features like ultra-fast broadband speeds, virtual reality headsets and constant internet space and so on are already up and running, even though not everyone can access them.

Some Metaverse Examples

Below are some things that are speaking metaverse to existence.



Facebook CEO, in the 2014 acquisition of Oculus indicated that there’s a huge investment going on in the metaverse. Meta visualizes a virtual world where digital avatars would connect through work, travel, or entertainment using VR headsets.

It is said to replace the internet where users could be in the experience and not mere looking at it. This concept is known as Meta.


This is another giant company involved in the metaverse.


It’s already using holograms with its mech platform. This helps to join the real world to the augmented and virtual realities.

It has been confirmed that the U.S. Army is currently working with Microsoft on an augmented reality Hololens 2 headset for soldiers to train, rehearse and fight in.

Epic Games

Epic Games

Epic Games is also a supporter of the metaverse project. Tim Sweeney, the CEO stated that he had started investment in the metaverse.



Roblox is another giant company fully involved in the metaverse. It is a gaming platform where users can build homes, and work virtually.


Metaverse is the next generation of internet space.

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