The Best 5 Deepfakes of 2022 That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

The Best 5 Deepfakes of 2022 That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind post thumbnail image

The Introduction of Deepfake

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you see a video of someone who looks similar to you and talks like you on the web? It may appear science-fiction to you, but in reality, this technology already exists in our world. As we are all aware of the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries, the incorporation of AI in everyday life gave us wings to fly and explore hidden terrain. Deepfake is the product of curious engineers who want to test artificial intelligence beyond its limit to compete with a human brain. Deepfake technology is the type of artificial intelligence that creates a convincing replica of the source images, audio files, and video files without the presence of an actual person in the real world. Data science, computer science, and machine learning technology merge with artificial intelligence to build an entirely new identity.

With the use of technology, you can make a replica of your video, image, or even voice and use it anywhere on the web. Anyone with a hand in this technology can create unlimited bogus content. Content produced with the deepfake technology would be 100% bogus, and it is not related to the actual source. People are having fun with these tools by making deepfake videos of their favorite celebrities and attaching their voices to them. It is fun to swap the faces of your favorite celebrities, artists, and sports players with your own and see how you appear in the fake video. The simple-to-use tool makes it easy to produce an unlimited number of videos and share them on social media pages. A few years back, people were skeptical about the technology, but when they saw how the deepfake could mimic the actual person with extraordinary accuracy, the observers were stunned. You can create fake videos of your friends and prank them. Some creators have tried this deep technology on the news anchor to create fake news with the replica of the anchor’s face and voice audio to showcase how the deepfake can make fake news with the use of technology. It came out as a perfectly tuned video representing the live channel of a reputed news company.  


1)The Deepfake Margot Robbie on TikTok

Watch this deepfake video of Margot Robbie on TikTok, the social media platform. The video has received a massive response from her fans. With this technology, you can swap faces with another person and get a perfectly blended video that looks identical to the real person.

@unreal_margotWhat have you been up to this year? #margotrobbie #actress #digitaldetox #challangeaccepted #fyp♬ Jr Stit x bruno mars x adele – Margaux_lbt
Deepfake Margot Robbie on TikTok

2)Real-Time Deepfake of Simon Cowell Sings on Stage

Amazing deep fake technology also performs on the live show in front of hundreds of people. Simon Cowell‘s face was swapped with that of the singer Daniel while performing live on the stage. This technology shocked the world because the outcome was so seamless that people could not differentiate which one was real. With the singer’s incredible performance, the demonstration of deepfake technology leaves people in awe.

Real-Time Deepfake of Simon Cowell Sings on Stage

3)Rihanna’s Bikini Show Made by DeepSwap

Rihanna’s bikini show made with deepfake technology is one of the best deepfake videos on the Internet.

Rihanna deepfake video

4)Unreal Tom Cruise on TikTok

Let’s watch a video of “Tom Cruise”. His deepfake videos are all over the web. People are questioning why he is on TikTok. Well, the honest answer is that he is not. These are fake videos of Tom Cruise circling the web in his identity.

@deeptomcruiseI’m taking lessons.♬ original sound – Tom
Unreal Tom Cruise on TikTok

5)Marvel Heroes’ Don’t Laugh Challenge

Try this hilarious video of the deepfake. The host tried the deepfake first time on a live television show. He was swapping celebrities’ faces in a row. See if you can guess who these celebrities are.

Marvel Heroes’ Don’t Laugh Challenge

How to Make High-Quality Deepfakes?

After watching these incredible videos, you may also have developed a curiosity to try your hand at deepfake applications. Well, the good thing is that this technology is available to everyone. The two methods, “Deepfake software” and “Deepfake apps & websites,” will allow you to make the best deepfakes online.


1) Deepfake Software

Complex software is used to collect the available data using machine learning, data science, and advanced coding. The sophisticated process requires an application containing real-time data and computing power to run smoothly without errors. Deepfake is the real-time action where software performs the task actively to adjust the screen and ensure the facial expression is precisely captured. You must learn the python programming language to build the software that renders the computer program and generates the deepfake videos. Overall, the deepfake technology development process is quite complex and only useful for people who are in the software development industry.  


2)Deepfake Apps & Websites

Alternatively, you can take the help of deepfake apps and websites that offer instant deepfake videos based on machine learning technology and AI-powered applications. These applications will merge the source videos with the new inputs and give you finely blended output that looks real. It is very convenient to make deepfake videos using these ready-to-use applications. However, the applications may have a disparity in quality. Thus, you should first identify the company that offers exceptional quality services to the users. Else, you will end up wasting your money and time. We recommend you try the online tool and the FaceMagic application to make your first deepfake video. The tools are great for producing the desired outcome. The videos you watched in examples 3 and 5 are made using Deepswap and FaceMagic respectively.

Advantages of Deepswap

  • Swap the scenes in the clip or movie.
  • Useful for the industrial training videos as you do not have to reshoot these videos to upgrade the content.
  • Build the AI avatars to use in the videos.
  • Can be used in filmmaking to retouch the scene without reshooting the entire one.
  • Can benefit an industry where facial recognition, verification, or personal identification is vital.
  • Avatars made by AI technology bypass the need to have a real person, saving money on hiring the model for the job. You can create an unlimited face with the technology and use it in your commercial.

Advantages of FaceMagic

  • No need to register to the application to use the features.
  • The application offers instant sharing options to share your content on your favorite social media site.
  • Produce unlimited short videos.
  • Face swapping between the members of groups.
  • Your data is stored on a private server. Only you will have access to the stored data.
  • Enhance skin tone in the deepfake videos to make you look younger.
  • Every facial emotion will be captured precisely and depicted in the video.


With AI-powered deepfake technology, the possibilities are unlimited. Give a creative boost to your ideas and make funny videos using these tools. Alternatively, you can develop innovative products powered by deepfake technology and earn good revenue by selling these services online. Deepswap and FaceMagic are the two best deepfake tools available, so give them a try.

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