Nude App: Best 16 AI Apps in All Types for Nudist Gallery


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Ready to use a nude app and create your own nudist gallery? There are various nude apps that will deliver phenomenal results. Some of them work by faceswapping pictures, and others can create nudes from text prompts.

So, are you searching for an online nude app? Here are a couple to consider!

What Types of Nude App Do You Like?

With a good nude app, you can create all kinds of naked images. People often use these apps to bring their sexy fantasies to life.

Every AI nude app will give you different results. This is because they use different methods to achieve your desired goals. Here are the main types of nude apps that exist today:

  1. Deepfake Nude App – uses the power of deepfake technology. Instead of undressing photos, you will paste a face of your choice on a nude body. This gives you an illusion of undressing anyone you want.
  2. Deep Nude App – can help you undress any photo. All you have to do is upload a picture of a person you want to see naked, and the AI nudifier app will undress them. These apps are also often called AI clothes remover or AI undresser apps.
  3. Nude Photo App – will create nude pictures from scratch. All you have to do is describe the woman of your dreams. Then, a nude photo app will transform that description into an illustration.
  4. Nude Dating App – lets you talk to nude AI girls. Usually, you get to create your perfect AI girl and then talk to her. Chatting with naked AI girls can be incredibly thrilling. You also have the Send Nudes app, where you can request AI nudes.

Top 3 Deepfake Nude Apps

1. SoulGen

This is an online AI nude app. It can create anime and realistic photos by following text prompts. But SoulGen also has a Face Swap feature that allows you to create deepfake nude photos, videos, and GIFs. First-time subscribers can enjoy up to 70% off on their yearly membership.

2. DeepfakesWeb

DeepfakesWeb App is a software that lets you create videos. It works with advanced deepfake tech and requires payment to be used. This DeepFake nude app claims that they do not strive for perfection. Instead, they believe that leaving a watermark and certain imperfections is needed to let others know that what they are watching is not real.

3. DeepfakePorn

Want to create NSFW deepfake content? DeepfakePorn is a deepfake nude app that allows you to manipulate video footage. It works with gender swapping, too. All you have to do is upload a face and a video and use their deepfake tech to achieve good results.

Top 5 Deep Nude Apps

1. SoulGen

SoulGen has an editing tool, too. This tool allows you to add, remove, or change certain aspects of the photo. Meaning that you can virtually transform any dressed photo into a nude one. Simply select the clothes you want to remove, and use the text prompt to describe nudity.


This is an art nude maker. It provides you with text prompt generations, along with additional features. has an editing tool that lets you undress photos. With this tool, you can easily change the photos however you want, which includes undressing.


Undressing pictures is easy with this Deep Nude app. All you have to do is upload the picture you want to nudify. Then, select the areas you want to undress and describe the changes in the text prompt. Wait a couple of seconds, and will do all the work for you.

4. AI Nude.Porn

AINude.Porn is another simple online app that lets you nudify photos. If you want to create a nudist gallery, all you have to do is use AI Nude Porn’s editing tool. This editing tool works just like the previous ones, allowing you to alter, add, or delete anything you want in the photos you upload.

5. Deepsukebe

Deepsukebe is an online nudifying app. It has a simple layout. This tool gives you a free trial but with blurred results. To nudify photos, you just have to do is upload a picture you want to undress and wait a couple of seconds for your results.

Top 5 Nude Photo Apps

1. AIPorn

If you want to create nude photos from scratch, AIPorn is an excellent choice. This online tool gives you a bunch of tags to choose from. Simply pick out the ones that describe the nude you want to create. This free nudes app gives you a couple of freebies daily.

2. SoulGen

Instead of tag selection, SoulGen provides you with text prompts. This in-browser tool works with realistic and anime girl generations. All you have to do is describe the photo you want to create. Then, wait a few seconds and watch your naked dream girl come to life.

3. AI Generated.Porn

This tool works quite similarly to AIPorn. You’ll be given a bunch of tags. Scroll through them, and select the ones that describe the photo you want to create. Then AI Generated Porn will create a picture according to your tag selection.

4. AI Girl.Porn

AI Girl Porn is yet another tag-based tool. It gives you many tags to explore. They are all categorized on the right. You can select one or multiple tags from each section, or you can let AI create a random photo without selecting any tags.


This simple app gives you various tags to choose from. Each section is categorized accordingly. So, select none, one, or multiple tags that describe your preferred results. AI NSFW.AI works similarly to previously mentioned apps. Of course, each one of these tools will provide you with different results.

Top 3 Nude Dating Apps

1. DreamGF

Want to create and talk to your perfect AI girl? This tool allows you to do just that! It works with tag selection, allowing you to adjust her appearance and personality. You can also just select already-existing AI girls. DeamGF lets you chat with AI girls and ask for nude photos. Some people even use it as a nude dating app!


Create your perfect AI persona. Janitor AI works with female and male generations and lets you create NSFW AI characters. Adjust their personality to make things interesting. You can then chat with the characters you’ve created or with the ones other users have created.


If you enjoy talking to interesting characters, Crushon AI is the right tool. This is a nude chat app where you can chat with a character you’ve created. You can also chat with any already-existing characters. Upload a picture, categorize their personality with the Crushon AI tool, and have fun chatting.

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Which Is the Best Nude App?

Generally speaking, the best nude app is the one that provides you with the best results. In this case, that would be SoulGen.

This online tool is easy to use, and you can create anime and/or realistic nudes from scratch with just a couple of clicks. Plus, you can use its editing tool to nudify photos or use its FaceSwap options as a fake nude app.

How to Fast Create Your Nudist Gallery

Method #1 Deepfake Celeb on a Nude Photo

Creating nudes can be as simple as face-swapping a nude image of your choice, with whoever you want. Here is how that works:

Step 1: On, click ‘Face Swap.’


Step 2: Then upload a picture, GIF, or video you want to faceswap. Pay attention to the file size.


Step 3: Click ‘+ Add Face’ to add the face you want to swap.


Click ‘Face swap’ when you are done. Here are the results:


Now, it’s your turn to deepfake a naked photo:

Deepfake Nude Now

Method #2 Nudify a Girl Image

You can also use SoulGen’s editing tool as a deep nude app. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: On, hover over ‘Edit’ and choose ‘Edit Image.’


Step 2: Upload a picture you want to nudify. It could be a celeb pic or a normal girl image.


Step 3: Mark the areas you want to change. Here, we will mark the girl’s dress.


Then, describe in the text prompt the changes you want to make.

Our prompt: naked, big tits, nipples, sexy


Step 4: Here are the results!


Try nudify an image with the nude app:

Remove Clothes Now

Method #3 Turn Text into Naked Picture

One of the easiest ways to create nudes is to do it from scratch. Lucky for you, SoulGen can do that, too.

Step 1: Hover over ‘Generate’ and choose whether to generate a real or anime girl. We’ll choose ‘Real Girl’ for this guide.


Step 2: Describe your perfect girl in the text prompt. Be as descriptive as you want.

Our prompt: beautiful, blonde, short hair, naked, big tits, perky, sitting, smiling


Step 3: Click ‘Generate’ and wait a couple of seconds. Here are our results:


Now, try the app and turn text into a naked picture:

Create Nude Girls


Various AI tools can help you create nudes, but one of the best nude app options is SoulGen. This AI tool works with deepfake technology, can undress photos, and can even generate porn pictures from scratch. So, you get multiple nudifying options in just one app. That said, you are free to check out any other AI apps mentioned above.

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