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Faceswap has different implications in various circumstances. It would be a pity if you think deepfake means the same in all situations. In fact, people from multiple sources, with disparate motivations come under the umbrella of deepswap to seek their idiosyncratic needs, thus it would be my mistake to demonstrate an overly-simplistic view of the faceswap industry.

Fun with DeepSwap

When I got in contact with deepswap, the first thing that came to mind is to faceswap with my family. My dad, mom, and younger sister look similar to me, yet it would be intriguing to see what would happen with their faces on me, and vice versa. The same-gender deepfake (me & my dad faceswap) is cool in that it’s a time tunnel through which my dad can go back to his youth, whereas I can fast-forward to my 50s/60s. If the sentimental reminiscence can’t move my dad emotionally, the prospect of experiencing the prelude of the metaverse by fast-forwarding to the future definitely pushes me to subscribe in a heartbeat.

Merry Christmas 2016

Deepswapping between relatives with no blood relationship is a bit more complicated. A popular instance is between husbands and wives. Similarities are weaker due to the lack of blood connection, yet everyone will be interested to discover what their faces look like on their significant others. This is more like “we are matches in souls & spirits, now it’s time to let the AR/VR decide how interchangeable are our facial appearances. Allow me to digress here and give you an anecdote: within my family, it seems if people live together long enough, even those without blood connections will gradually look similar to each other.


The second most widespread use of deepfake would be making fun of people. Let’s say you want to make fun of your boss, and you can easily “turn the table around” by deepfaking him or her with a monkey, a cow, or even a pig. But when it comes to friends, it’s a different story. In general, the closer the relationship between friends, the more they prank each other. Nothing can do a better job than faceswap. Think about deepswapping your friends’ faces for their most hated movie character, and imagine their reactions when they see your masterpieces. An easier form of deepswap would be simply faceswapping your friend’s face with your face. This simplified deepfake works best when you have a photo with just you and your friend, but it definitely lacks the versatility of the previous methods.


Alternatively, you can deepfake in a group photo, or even faceswap a video with lots of people inside. The more the headcount, the more the possibility of manipulating the AR & VR to your advantage. You can not only deepswap people’s faces randomly among that group of people, making sure everyone’s face is not his or her anymore, but also have the liberty to allocate faces outside of that photo/video to each person in the media. If your friends are all Marvels Studio fans, you can establish a one-to-one projection between your world, and the Marvels world. Let yourself be the Ironman, the most righteous friend be Captain America, and the strongest one be Thor, etc. This is a way to visualize the parallel universe, which is essentially a prototype of the metaverse.


Thirdly, I want to demonstrate the most intriguing aspect of Deepswap is the cross-gender faceswapping. You can start this deepfake by deepswapping between your significant other. You and your wife/husband are married, so you guys are matches mentally, but what about the similarities between your faces? Does living together for a long time, brings that spiritual similarities to the surface of your souls? Another question that I want to ask you privately: I know you and your significant other are married, and that you guys are probably better off staying together. But have you wondered whether he or she is a good match, just from the perspective of facial appearances? Answers to those questions lie beneath the Deepswap website, together with other faceswapping tools.


Additionally, dads can faceswap with their daughters, and moms can do the same with their sons. Despite the blood connection, sometimes moms & dads wonder what would they & their opposite-gender children would be like if deepfaked. The cross-gender nature makes it hard for them to imagine the results, yet Deepswap presents them with the most straightforward results. Beneath the above curiosity, is a question that most of us have had in our lives: what would we look like if we were born to be the other gender? Are we more beautiful or less pretty?


Deepswap is much more practical & pragmatic than you think. I first got in touch with the faceswap industry, I only thought on a few occasions where this AI technology could be applied. Yet the more exposure I gain to deepfake, the more possibilities I see it sparks. With AR/VR developing day by day, we should stay on top of this trend so that one day when metaverse fully develops in 10/20 years, we wouldn’t be caught off guard.

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