Facesitting GIF: Generate More Face Ride GIFs with AI



Have you ever wanted to see a facesitting GIF of your crush? Or maybe you’d love to put your favorite celebrity on another face ride body! With the advanced AI technology available today, that is no longer an impossible task. All you need is the right face sitting GIF generator, and you’ll get to enjoy the “sit on my face” meme in just a couple of clicks. Here is everything you need to know.

What Is a Facesitting GIF?

Also known as queening, facesitting is the act of sitting on somebody’s face for pleasure or domination. It is a popular sex position that can spice up cunnilingus by using a new angle to increase sensations. This act does not require somebody to use their full body weight and is often done during DOM play.

Facesitting GIF is a short clip featuring the act of face sitting. What makes these sit on my face GIFs so popular is the sheer fact that many of us appreciate seeing beautiful women enjoy themselves.


How Do People Use Facesitting GIF, Memes and Emojis?

GIFs, memes and emojis are most often used as a form of reply or reaction to a certain message/ meme. With such a variety of moving pictures available, they can perfectly showcase your reaction to anything. That said, some people enjoy browsing through NSFW GIFs as a form of sexual release. This is because GIFs are short, quick, and get straight down to the point.

You’ve probably encountered many ‘sit on my face meme’ pictures online, which most commonly feature attractive women. Some of the most popular examples would include BBW face fuck GIFs, where plump beauties get to enjoy themselves to the fullest in pussy licking.

Face Sitting GIF before Deepfake
Face Sitting GIF after Deepfake, with a Face of Donald Trump Lookalike

Of course, there are many face ride GIFs out there featuring women of all shapes and sizes. But you can also see pranks on reaction GIFs of celebrities, such as a Donald Trump lookalike whose face is put on a naked female body sitting on someone’s face.

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Make a Face Sitting GIF with an AI Generator

If you think the act of facesitting is alluring, all you need is a good AI generator to make the perfect facesitting GIF content. For example, Deepswap! This is an in-browser app that uses deep learning AI technology to provide realistic deepfake/ faceswap content. The AI generator works by putting anyone’s face on a facesitting GIF, image, or video. The generated reaction images are high-quality, realistic, and available in just a couple of clicks.

Main Features:

  • Create high-quality deepfake facesitting GIF content in 3 seconds.
  • Support quality photos (10 MB), GIFs (15 MB), and videos up to 10 minutes (500 MB).
  • Faceswap or gender swap multiple faces simultaneously.
  • Without any blur, ads or watermarks.
  • No require an installation or storage occupation.
  • Use it on any device or OS.

How to Generate a Facesitting GIF

The online world is filled with millions of already existing facesitting GIF images. However, we all have our own naughty preferences when it comes to porn. So, if there’s a particular woman you’d like to have in sexy face sitting action, Deepswap is the right choice.

With the help of this app, all you need is a face sitting GIF and an image of with the face of a person you wish to face swap. The AI generator can then easily make a deepfake GIF of anyone you have in mind. Here is how that works:

Step 1: Click ‘Upload File’ and upload a facesitting GIF (15 MB max) that you wish to paste a face on.


Step 2: The tool will show you all the people recognized from the file you uploaded. Click ‘Add Face’ and upload the facial image of the person you would like to get in the GIF.


Step 3: Click ‘Face swap’ and wait for the generated facesitting GIF.


You can then choose to download it by clicking ’Save’ or continue creating more deepfake face sitting GIFs by clicking ‘Upload Next File.’


Try now and customize your funny facesitting GIF:

Make Facesitting GIF

Tips and Tricks for Using NSFW GIFs

Creating NSFW GIFs with an AI tool is easy, and the results are designed to look realistic. However, sometimes the generated content might look a little bit ‘off.’ This is because the realism and quality of the image or GIF will depend on various factors. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you create super realistic AI NSFW GIFs or reaction memes.

Creating Realistic Results

When searching for a GIF that you want to edit, it is important to consider the person who you want to faceswap. The people who will be faceswapped in the GIF should have a similar body type, head shape, hair color, skin color, and other attributes. This will add to the realism of the generated content. The same applies to those who wish to generate deepfake images or videos.

Keep in mind that the overall quality of the GIFs of images will depend on the quality of the file you uploaded. Thus, finding high-quality BBW face fuck or any other types of GIFs, will always ensure quality results.

Publishing and Using AI NSFW Images

There are many websites that welcome AI NSFW content. Once you have generated your preferred uncensored images, GIFs, or videos, you can save them to your device. After that, you are free to use those files however you want; publish them on other websites, like 4chan GIF board, or share them with your friends.

Since you are free to face swap anyone, you can easily generate your dream NSFW material. Who would you like to see in action? AI face swap apps allow you to faceswap anyone you know or any picture you find online. This means that you can easily make GIFs of your favorite pornstar BBW sitting on face or just a random celebrity or person you’ve always liked.


The online world is filled with millions of face sitting GIFs, images, and videos. If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite pornstar, celebrity, or any gorgeous BBW sit on face, AI deepfake GIF maker can bring your fantasy to life. Simply upload the facesitting GIF to the app, faceswap it with anyone you like, and enjoy high-quality realistic results.

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