Facehub Review – Pricing, Feature, Alternatives

Facehub Review – Pricing, Feature, Alternatives post thumbnail image

The Facehub works precisely the same way as its image-swapping counterparts. Similarly, it only replaces the target face in a video of your choice with the faces of models, celebrities that already exist, or even other pictures you provide.

This application stands out from others of its kind because the artificial intelligence used in it can modify the actual source image so that Facehub produces a finished result that shows no signs of the AI’s involvement in the editing process. Please keep reading to learn more about its pricing features and alternatives.

What Is Facehub?

Facehub is an internet service that allows users to alter faces in images with only one click. Also, users can access the service at Facehub.live.

Furthermore, it is used by thousands of users around the globe. Mostly they use it for entertainment purposes like creating memes and funny videos.

Facehub Pricing

Firstly, Facehub does not offer a free plan for its product or service. However, you may gain a free trial with limited features if you enter your payment information.

The following are its pricing:

· You may buy 10 credits at 5.99USD. (with a daily package)

· You may also purchase 20 credits at 9.99USD. (with a weekly package)

· Similarly, you pay 49.99USD for 150 credits and 79.99USD for 300 credits. (with a daily package)

· Lastly, you may buy 150 credits at 39.99USD and 350 credits at 69.99USD. (with a weekly package)

Facehub Features

Facehub is equipped with many features for its paying users. Following are some of the primary ones:

· Improve blurred or poor-quality videos.

· It also helps in the enhancement of the images and photos.

· Also, it can stabilize the speed of your video.

· It provides an excellent media library where you can find all your uploads in one place.

· An easy-to-use interface.

Alternatives to Facehub

With the progress and evolution of deepfake technology, you may have seen many sellers claiming to be the best in the business. However, we have tried and tested numerous software and apps to draw the conclusion that one of the best alternatives to Facehub is DeepSwap. This is an online face-swapping tool with a large customer base that provides more freedom and choice than any other similar product. You get the following perks when using this tool:

· Ability to use any video you like.

· Ability to swap a face of your choice with the one in the video.

· Excellent output file.

· No compromise in the quality of the video.

· High processing speed.

· 100% privacy guaranteed.

· None of your data is stored for more than 7 days. Also, you can delete it instantly.

· An effortless dashboard that is easy to use.


So there you have it, our views on Facehub. We think it’s a great platform with lots of potentials, but the pricing is a little high, and some features could be further improved. If you want to try out facial recognition for your business, we recommend DeepSwap as the best alternative for you. It’s affordable, easy to use, and has all the features you need to get started.

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