Deepfake Technology – Pros and Cons



Deepfake technology is gaining momentum on the internet due to its power to manipulate photos and videos of real people into another person. Most people believe it’s a dangerous project, but a lot of its activities have helped several industries.

It creates realistic fake images or videos of targeted people by swapping their faces with those of other people, saying or doing things they do not do in almost unrecognizable ways. Hence, the need to look at some of its pros and cons to give a better understanding of how the technology works.

So, let’s look at the pros and cons of deepfake technology.

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How Deepfake Works

Deepfake technology uses artificial intelligence to transform photos, images, voices and videos of real people into another person’s identity. Although the product of deepfake is fake, yet it seems like the original content.

It is discovered that when creating a deepfake, multiple images of the targeted person from different angles are used to superimpose the original face, tricking people’s eyes to perceive it as an original one.

Images are compromised with faces and other body parts to make them look original. While creating videos, the voice is also cloned with a targeted person using the AI-enabled tools to simplify the process and match the lips moving according to words spoken.

The technology has been used to create several videos of celebrities and creatively give them new and funny roles in movies and short videos. It is understood that deepfake content is generated using AI and machine learning-based tools.

However, with in-depth scrutiny, deepfake contents can be spotted and possibly uncover the secrets.



Deepfake technology has the ability to change the dialogue in a video or movie without the need for a reshoot, and create entire videos just by selecting from a menu of presenters and entering the script.

An example of this effect is seen in “Star Wars” where it is used to bring the actor Peter Cushing back to “life” for 2016’s Rogue One. This is a Star Wars Story, it could also be used for some other amazing things.


The technology can be used to create propaganda and fake news. And it can also be used to take revenge, and defame public figures (celebrities and politicians).


Deepfake can be used to improve industrial training. It helps to build AI avatars for use in videos. Also in the movie industry, it is used to generate film tricks and some other advanced features.


It can be a great tool for scams, forgery, and fraud. Audio and video deepfake have been seen on several occasions, where they’ve been used to infiltrate and bridge privacy. These are some deepfake NSFWs that are used against the good intentions of deepfake technology.



Deepfake technology is a useful tool in the identification and verification department. AI-generated avatars have been found to be useful in protecting the identity of people. A case study is an interviewee in news reports about the persecution of LGBTQ people in Russia.


Deepfake technology has its good use and as well the bad use. However, the original intention behind deepfake is to make people happy and create an environment where everyone can manipulate their images and videos into something amusing.


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