Celebrity Deepfake Porn Generates Concerns – Is It Legal?

Celebrity Deepfake Porn Generates Concerns – Is It Legal? post thumbnail image

The world has become more entangled with technology than ever before. While this emergence can be a positive influence – the likes of Netflix, YouTube, AI, and social media for easy live-streaming and internet engagement, it is also responsible for multiple non-consensual sharing of abusive content such as sex videos and photos of innocent people.

deepfake threat
Celebrity Deepfake Porn

The introduction of these abusive contents has led their victims into a state of fear, intimidation, and insecurity. The trend pushes toward women mostly, having their naked photos or videos in pornography without their consent. Popular celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Emma Watson have been repeated victims of deepfake pornography.

BBC News reported that Non-consensual deepfake pornography threatens the victims as revenge porn, which is illegal and abusive to an individual’s public image. The images and videos would look real that people mistake them for real content. The creators now create porn videos and photos of people and celebrities. To learn more about deepfake pornography, please read further.

What is deepfake pornography?

Deepfake pornography is fake synthetic sexual content where victims’ faces and body shapes are mapped on real porn characters in videos and photos. It is usually used to abuse and harass women, especially celebrities and major public figures.

deepfake pornography
Celebrity Deepfake Porn

In 2019, the Deeptrace report showed that 96% of all deepfake videos online are pornographic, and these videos show the faces of public figures who had worked to build a reputation. The more its engagement, the easier it features in Politics, Hollywood, and so on, which is more likely to be dangerous.

Deepfake pornography has caused so much trauma and insecurity for its victims, and it’s being used as a form of revenge porn, mainly for blackmailing and humiliating women. Years back, creating deepfake porn requires technical skills, but today, it’s an entirely different thing. New apps are now surfacing to easily help anyone to generate different kinds of porn videos.

These applications allow users to pick any porn videos in their catalog, preview and swap the faces of the characters with somebody else within a few minutes and create a deepfake pornography of the victim. Usually, they request users to pay a certain amount of money to download the clear version of the video.

Examples of these applications are the Y app, DeepNude, and many others. However, most of these porn apps have received critical restrictions. In 2019, DeepNude was used to remove clothes from victims’ photos, especially women. The nude of these women is used to replace real porn stars in pornography videos to make people believe they are real.

Categories Of Deepfake Pornography

  • Celebrity Deepfake
  • Edgy and Kinky Deepfake Pornography
  • Cartoon Deepfake Pornography
  • Ethnicity or Nationality Deepfake Pornography

These categories apply to different interests and professions. Deepfake Pornography manipulates people’s identities to create non-consensual sexual images and videos as porn revenge content.

Celebrity Deepfake Porn

The use of non-consensual sexual explicit content is illegal, the law frowns at it. The increase in this perpetration is causing the government to pay attention to its activities. Deepfake pornography of innocent people has created severe abuse, harassment, social defamation, humiliation, damage to reputations, and caused mental health.

The use of women’s photos and videos in pornography contents without the consent of the victims is illegal, it is seen as a sexual offense that people consider revenge porn. Whether it’s real or not, it should be considered image-based sexual abuse or violation. The victims of porn deepfake are usually felt powerless and vulnerable.

Although, the issue of deepfake pornography is not really considered effective by defamation laws. The more legal actions are considered on non-consensual deepfake pornography as defamation, the easier it becomes to reduce the spread of sexually explicit faces of photos and videos of women in porn content and consider the act a sexual offense.

Importance to spot a deepfake

Many of deepfake contents are commonly seen on the internet today. The video of Donald Trump declaring the launch of nuclear weapons on Russia, and deepfake pornography of celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen, Emma Watson, and many more are examples of deepfake content on the internet.

spot a deepfake

It is obvious that deepfake pornography is mainly against celebrities and this has featured actors and actresses, including politicians, in many sexually explicit contents online. The world today relies on the internet for information, but deepfake content has begun to influence people’s minds on what they read, watch and share online.

This is why it’s important to know how to spot deepfake pornography contents online. Understand how deepfake works and how it is used to spread fake information about people on the internet. Today, It is very difficult to spot deepfake pornography. If you’re watching a deepfake porn video, it is hard to spot if it’s fake or real due to the advance in technology.

How to spot deepfake pornography?

However, the more technology advances, so are ways to spot fake porn videos on the internet. Governments, researchers, and tech companies are sponsoring research on how to spot deepfake content. Reverse engineering technology is used to deepfake pornography content to detect whether they are fake or real.

Social media platforms, deepfake websites, and pornography websites have also implemented several ways to spot and bring down deepfake sexual content of innocent women, especially public figures, in order to minimize the spread of the nefarious explicit content. For example, on DeepSwap website tools, regulated policies hinder users from creating revenge porn of innocent people without their prior consent.

These are some ways to individually spot deepfake porn videos.

  • Irregular eye movement. These contents depict eye movement that doesn’t look real, especially the eye blinking and disposition of the character’s eyes, looking strangely and unnatural.
  • Instability In body movement. Some deepfake videos show the character’s body movement being distorted when they move, this is an indication that the video is fake and could be non-consensual with innocent people.
  • Other ways could be unnatural hair and awkward facial feature position which shows a video or photo is synthetic pornography content.

Deepfake Porn Regulations and Practice

Misrepresentation of people’s identities on the internet needs to be regulated. The government and big tech companies need to take social steps that will protect people from deepfake pornography. An example of this is seen in the United States when California stated that the creation and spread of non-consensual content are illegal.

Today, tech companies and porn website owners are deploying regulations through policies to control the use of porn deepfakes. The likes of copyright, defamation, and public rights have been helpful and will continue to tame the spread. Social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google are also enforcing rules on how to stop the spread of deepfake pornography.

Bobby Chesney, a well-known legal personnel said, the terms of service or use of agreement of porn websites and major online companies are the paramount solutions to taking down illicit contents from the internet. These online companies are the major response strategy to controlling deepfake pornography.

In addition to this, there’s a need to increase public awareness of the possibilities and threats of deepfake pornography. People must understand that whatever content they share online can be used against them. This will control and reduce the kind of photos and videos people share online. It will eventually reduce the danger and widespread use of fake news.

Porn websites have also implemented consent agreements for the character in the content before publishing deepfake porn videos. They emailed the victims, especially if the video featured celebrities, and inquire if they approve of such content. These are awesome ways to regulate the spread of fake porn content.


Deepfake pornography is an aspect of deepfake that creators used to infiltrate their victims’ privacy. It is used to create synthetic fake pornography of celebrities. Women are the major victims, and it has caused serious damage to reputations, personalities, and professions. It is seen as the next epidemic of abuse, especially revenge porn.

If properly regulated, it will reduce the harm and danger it poses to people. Deepfake pornography should be addressed by defamation laws and the more it attracts legal interest, the easier it will become to control the abuse.

When the consent of a character in a porn video was not taken, such deepfake content should be rendered non-consensual deepfake pornography, which eventually is seen as a sexual offense. And legal actions should be taken to address the issue, so it doesn’t spread beyond control.

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