25 Useful Big Booty White Girl Prompts

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities! In this article, we present 25 big booty white girl prompts that will ignite your creativity and unleash your imagination. Whether you’re an artist, a writer, or simply looking for inspiration, these prompts will help. They are designed to help you create unique and engaging AI white girl characters with big booty. 

About Big Booty White Girl

What Is Booty White Girl

Our digging led us to a film titled “Big Booty White Girls” (2017) directed by Stoney Curtis and Jerry. The film features actresses such as Candice Dare, Nickey Huntsman, Harley Jade, and Savana Styles. This adult film focuses on showcasing women with curvy figures and emphasizes their physical attributes.

When it comes to white girls with big booties, there are several notable individuals who’ve gained popularity. One such example is Kim Kardashian. She is known for her curvaceous figure and is widely recognized as a trendsetter in popular culture.

Why White Girls with Big Booties Are Popular

Exemplifying Body Positivity: There’s been a powerful movement towards embracing and celebrating diverse body types. This challenges traditional beauty standards that were once dominated by thinness. White girls with big booties symbolize this shift and promote the idea that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Influence of Pop Culture Icons: Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez have not only gained massive followings. They have also become trendsetters in the fashion and beauty industry. These influential figures, who possess curvier figures themselves, have played a significant role in popularizing the appeal of big booties. 

Shift in Beauty Standards: In the past, slim and slender figures were often considered the epitome of beauty. However, with platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, white girls with big booties are now able to gain visibility, recognition, and admiration. 

Media Representation: Television shows, music videos, and movies have started to feature more diverse body types. That includes those with big booties. This increased visibility in mainstream media has increased the desire for white girls with big booties. 

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25 Effective Prompts for Big Booty White Girls

14 AI Big Booty White Girl Prompts (Real Person)

1.A big booty white girl with long blonde hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and a radiant smile. An elegant black dress, thick thighs, a ring on the right hand, a glittery necklace, and a naughty pose, leaning on a wall.

big booty white girl

2.White girl with a curvaceous figure, a well-defined big booty, an hourglass waist, toned legs, stylish sneakers, blue jeans, cute earrings.

beautiful big booty girl

3.Big booty girl wearing a stylish bikini at the beach, white skin. Warm weather, carrying a glass of cocktail, big eyes, cute medium lips, short hair, and well-defined thighs.

hot big booty girl

4.White girl with a big booty posing in a tight-fitting dress, highlighting her stunning curves. Beautiful white eyes, long legs, and a warm smile.

sexy big booty girl

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  1. White girl with a voluptuous big booty, a model on a red carpet, glittery necklace, serious face, blue eyes, medium body size.
  2. Big booty white girl engaging in a fitness routine. Toned physique, well-defined curves, a water bottle, earphones, a serious face, and big blue eyes. 
  3. White girl with big booty, long curly blonde hair, long face, big white eyes, a piercing on exuding confidence and charisma.
  4. AI White girl with a big booty wearing sportswear, ready to conquer a challenging workout. Outstanding aura, stylish sports shoes, well-defined body shape, sweaty neck, sports watch on the left hand,  
  5. White girl with a big booty enjoying a sunny day by the pool, radiating beauty and elegance. Cute swimsuit, well-defined body and thighs, cocktail glass on the poolside, beautiful blue water, cute smile
  6. Big booty white girl with a captivating smile, brown eyes, small eyes, a medium nose, and short pink hair. White small teeth, a white gorgeous dress, medium height, and a cute purse on the right hand.
  7. AI white girl with a big booty, round face, big blue eyes, beautiful necklace, big lips, a serious face, well-toned body, and skin. She should be wearing beautiful high heels showcasing her unique style and fashion sense.
  8. White girl with a big booty immersed in a dance routine, and gloves on one hand. Sweaty face, a tiny cute smile, displaying grace and fluidity in her movements.
  9. AI Girl white girl with a big booty, with big white eyes, wearing glasses, two piercings on her left ear, a sculpted waist, and a playful expression. Toned legs, perfectly manicured nails, and a fashionable sense of style.
  10. White girl with a big booty, long brunette locks, mesmerizing hazel eyes, and a curvaceous figure. Well-defined hips, a small waist, and a prominent derrière a confident stance that accentuates her alluring curves.

11 Big Booty White Girl Prompts to Generate Amazing Pictures (Anime)

1.Anime girl with a big booty, white skin, featuring vibrant, eye-catching colors, long black hair,  cheerful and adventurous spirit. Seated leaning backward, a book in her hand, a tiny smile on her face

anime big booty girl

2.An anime girl with a curvaceous figure and a big booty, with a lively and expressive personality and white skin. Big black eyes, wearing black pants, carrying a pink backpack, short spiked black hair, beautiful wristband.

pink hair big booty girl

3.Big booty anime white girl with short pink hair, a serious scary look, medium-sized, cute smile, and big white eyes. Dressed in a stylish and trendy outfit, reflecting her unique fashion sense and hinting at her adventurous and outgoing personality.

big booty and boob girl


  1. Anime girl with a big booty, long, flowing locks of silver and platinum blonde hair, shimmering violet eyes, and an air of elegance and grace.
  2. White girl with a big booty anime, black scary eyes, radiating confidence and charm. She’s in an intense battle scene, displaying her strength, agility, and determination. Her dynamic movements showcase her incredible physique, wearing fighting armor
  3. Anime white girl with a big booty, fiery red hair, piercing blue eyes, and a fierce expression that exudes power, independence, and a touch of mystery.
  4. An anime girl with a big booty and white skin, a gentle and caring demeanor. Brown eyes, radiating warmth and compassion through her soft features and gentle smile. Surrounded by a fantasy landscape.
  5. Anime white girl with a big booty, cute blue eyes, a long face, flawless skin, wearing a wristband. Gentle smile, cute black dress, beautiful high heels, red lipstick, and beautiful eyelashes.
  6. Anime white girl with a big booty, wearing a long purple dress, big blue eyes, a cute smile, and long straight black hair, capturing her in a moment of serenity and tranquility.
  7. Girl anime with big booty, playful nature, blue eyes, wearing blue rugged jeans, white sneakers, white printed T-shirt, stylish watch, and short black hair.
  8. Anime girl with a big booty, big brown eyes, and black lips, wearing a short dress, and a mischievous smile, embodying the essence of beauty and elegance.

How to Create AI Girl With Big Booty

Creating stunning and realistic AI-generated big booty white girls characters is now easier than ever. DeepSwap’s AI Girl Generator does all the magic.

Follow these three simple steps to bring your dream AI white girl with a big booty to life:

Step 1: Key in your prompt. With the Girl Generator, you have the freedom to customize the appearance of your dream AI white girl. Specify details like hair color, eye color, facial features, body proportions, and, of course, the desired big booty. Tailor every aspect to create an image that perfectly matches your vision.

Step 2: Set the style. Here, you have the options of either ‘Real’ or ‘Anime’. Choose the one you’d like to work with. If you choose ‘Real girl’ you have the option of uploading a lookalike to get a striking resemblance to another person. Hit on the ‘Look like’ tool and upload your desired image.

Step 3: Generate Your Dream AI White Girl: Once you’ve selected the desired options and customized the appearance, hit the “Generate” button. In just moments, the DeepSwap AI Girl Generator will produce a stunning image of a big booty white girl that will amaze you with its realism. Deepswap also features the edit feature that lets you fix, or customize existing images to your liking. 


These 25 useful big booty white girl prompts offer a plethora of creative opportunities. You capture the essence and allure of these individuals. From realistic AI-generated images to anime-inspired AI big booty girls, these prompts are a gem. They cater to various artistic preferences and mediums. Here are endless avenues for imaginative expression, try them out!

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