AI Sexting: Chat and Date on NSFW AI Sex Chatbot Apps


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In today’s digital age, AI has had a significant influence on human relationships. There are all kinds of AI tools that enrich our lives, like Deepswap, SoulGen,, etc. It has infiltrated many aspects of our day-to-day intimacy. One such trend involves the rise of AI sexting.

There are various AI sexting tools that will provide you with a realistic experience. You’ll feel like you are talking to a real person. But with so many apps to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed. So, here are the best NSFW AI sexting bots to check out.

What Is AI Sexting?

AI sexting allows you to enjoy dirty chats with NSFW AI chat bots. These sexting AI bots are programs that use AI to simulate sexy conversations. They can be personalized to suit your sexual preferences and needs. This often involves being able to create and customize the AI sex chatbot before you start sexting.

One of the more popular sexting AI tools is This is an AI chat platform that provides you with both SFW and NSFW options. lets you create your AI persona with a unique personality. You can choose between male and female bots, allowing you to enjoy an unrestricted, unfiltered, and uncensored experience.

Best AI Sexting Apps in 2023

Top 6 Apps like Crushon AI Sexting

1.     DreamGF – Date and Sext to Naked AI Girlfriends


DreamGF is an AI platform where you can create a virtual girlfriend. You can customize her appearance, personality, and style. This allows you to easily create a girl who perfectly suits your taste.

After creating your companion, you can enjoy chatting and sexting. DreamGF provides you with SFW and NSFW AI sexting. Since you can customize her personality, you can also enjoy an immersive personalized experience.

Your unique virtual girlfriend will respond in a manner that corresponds to the personality you specified. Plus, you can receive your girlfriend’s nudes. DreamGF has a free trial for you to test out their NSFW chat bot. Or you can purchase a subscription and enjoy endless sexy conversations and nudes with your AI girlfriend.

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  • Offers great AI companionship with a personalized experience.
  • Chat, sext, and receive nudes.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • In-app purchasing.

2.     JanitorAI – NSFW AI Chat Bot


JanitorAI is a language model chatbot that allows you to have conversations with AI characters. You can create and customize your virtual character by specifying their characteristics, personality, and more. This is what makes Janitor AI perfect for role-playing.

This is a free chatbot, that can be used for both SFW and NSFW purposes. JanitorAI also has paid services, where you get to enjoy more features, like additional customization options.

You can use JanitorAI in many other ways, such as entertainment and education. But most people use this NSFW AI chatbot as an AI sexting platform. All you have to do is create your character, specify your personality, and have fun sexting. You can also chat with characters created by other users.


  • Versatile platform with diverse character options.
  • Works with SFW and NSFW chats.


  • There’s a learning curve.

3. – Adult Sex Chat Bot


If you are looking for a simple and free AI sexting experience, is a good start. This is a sex chat bot where you can enjoy sexting with various characters. lets you create your own sex AI chat bot, or you can chat with one created by other users. You can sext and ask for nudes.

To create a sex bot, you will have to register. However, you can still test out the sexting experience as a guest. also offers additional features for paid users if you want a more personalized experience.


  • Easy to use.
  • Receive NSFW AI nudes.
  • Over 2,000 premade chatbots are available.


  • Chats can be repetitive for free users.

4.     GirlfriendGPT – Send Sext to AI Companions


GirlfriendGPT focuses on providing you with a realistic sexting experience. You can create your customizable AI female and male companion with a unique personality and voice. GirlfriendGPT also has the ability to generate nude selfies.

This adult chatbot is connected to Telegram. So, you can chat with your AI companion directly through that messaging platform. If you want to enjoy a personalized role-playing girlfriend/boyfriend experience, GiorlfriendGPT is an excellent choice. 


  • Enjoy a realistic sexting experience.
  • Customize your AI companion.
  • Enjoy nudes.


  • You’ll have to use Telegram for a better experience.

5. – Dirty Talk and Uncensored AI Sexting App


SpicyChat AI is a web-based sexting bot. It gives you a safe space where you can enjoy engaging in sexy conversations, fulfilling your wildest fantasies. With SpicyChat AI, you can create a virtual character, upload their avatar, choose their name, personality, and more.

Then, engage in SFW or NSFW conversation with your character. You can also pick one of the characters created by other users. With so many customizable options, SpicyChat is a perfect choice for role-playing lovers.


  • Customize your AI companion.
  • No censorship.
  • Open API integration.


  • Can be a bit confusing to newcomers.

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Apps for NSFW AI Sex Conversations

  • Intimate — Build genuine connections with various AI characters through texting, sexting, and voice calling.
  • Nastia — Talk about anything with Nastia, a beautiful AI companion who’ll never make you feel lonely.
  • — Choose a beautiful 3D model, customize her personality, and enjoy personalized chats, sexting, and more.
  • Kuki AI — Kuki is a beautiful AI model, ready to discuss various SFW and NSFW topics and just hang out with you.
  • — FapAI lets you enjoy a realistic sexting experience with hot male and female AI models.
  • — Pick one of the beautiful AI models and enjoy sexting, receiving nudes, audio messages, videos, and other features.
  • HiWaifu — HiWaifu provides you with a beautiful 3D companion who enjoys sexy chats and role-play and will remember your past conversations.
  • — Caryn AI is a gorgeous influencer girl with a captivating persona and distinctive behavior who is available 24/7.
  • — Generate a picture of your perfect girlfriend and enjoy engaging in fun and hot conversation online!
  • Muah AI — Customize your beautiful AI companion, then enjoy chatting, exchanging photos and audio messages, and more.
  • Flirtflix AI — Ready to find your Virtual Lover? FlirtFix AI is a text, voice, and image chatbot that lets you find your soulmate.
  • JoiAI — Explore JoiAI models, find your perfect companion, and enjoy realistic chatting and sexting.
  • Candy AI — Create your virtual girlfriend by customizing her appearance, personality, and relationship dynamic, and enjoy chatting.
  • Kajiwoto AI — Kajiwoto provides you with a virtual companion and interactive experiences by combining AI tech with excellent role-playing elements.
  • — If you need a friend, is your virtual AI companion who’ll discuss anything you want.
  • — Enjoy chatting with interesting AI characters with specific personalities, characteristics, and dynamics.
  • Sakura AI — Fulfill your naughtiest fantasies by chatting with interesting AI companions on Sakura AI.


1.    Can I Talk Dirty On an AI Sexting App?

Yes! A good NSFW sexting app can be personalized to suit your sexual preferences. This includes customizing your AI companion, their personality, and more. You can engage in dirty talk with AI sex bots, allowing you to fulfill your naughtiest fantasies.

2.    Are AI Porn Chat Bot Apps Private?

Most AI porn chat apps are private. So, you can freely talk to your AI companion about your sexual needs and fantasies. You don’t have to worry whether the messages will get leaked.

3.    Is Sexting Online Illegal?

Online sexting is not illegal. But if you do not have a sexting partner, you shouldn’t just chat up anyone. Instead, you should check out some AI sex chat options online. Create a virtual partner, and enjoy sexting all you want. 

4.    What Can I Do with Sexting AI Apps?

This mainly depends on the app you choose. Some sex chatbot tools provide you with only sexting options. But you can also find AI sexting apps that offer a lot more, such as audio and video messaging, AI-generated nudes, etc.


The advancements in the world of AI sexting are changing our perspective on intimacy. Are you looking for a thoughtful companion to make you feel less lonely? Or do you want a beautiful AI model to send you nudes while talking dirty? Today, you can find all shapes of AI sexting apps designed to fulfill your dirtiest fantasies.

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