AI and Its Impact on Digital Business



Artificial intelligence (AI) has been able to help online businesses, especially through digital marketing, by making products and major brands more easily accessible to the right customers in the comfort of their homes.

This technology has transformed many areas of digital business in terms of exposure, automatic financial report and audit, digital marketing, autopilot email marketing, deep-swapping, customer satisfaction, and many more.

It has helped make the usual activities of humans to be less difficult than they used to be in the past. There is no resource of technology that does not work with the aid of AI, it’s almost as though life can’t be so easy without AI performing the duties of humans.

Let’s take a look at this brief summary of the impact of artificial intelligence below.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) also known as machine learning is a concept through which computer software uses the environment and past information to analyze and simplify human decisions.

Machine and deep learning are the two branches of AI. They are used in all computer software projects for digital business executions.

AI in Digital Business

In digital business, artificial intelligence (AI) has been a tool for business decision augmentation and automation. It has made major digital business workloads indispensable.

In the entertainment industry, AI has been used to improve and advance actors’ roles in major scenes of popular movies and music videos. Leverage in technology birthed deepfake, which is the main reason why this could be possible.

The Impacts of AI on Digital Business

AI Is Used for Making Informed Decisions

AI in decision making

One of the key and most significant impacts of AI in business is its ability to analyze and interpret large numbers of data much faster and easier beyond human capacity.

Therefore, digital businesses could leverage this potential to build more personalized and highly-optimized decisions. Consequently, businesses will augment and automate their activities.

AI Helps Improve Customer Service

AI, Robot

Most online businesses use programmed bots to answer customer queries such as inquiries, invoice generation, issues, supply chain, and so on.

As a result, businesses leverage technology to answer questions and provide better, faster, and more efficient customer support.

Deepfake Technology in Entertainment Business


Deepfake has advanced the movie and music video industries to produce high-performing and captivating scenes. It has improved filmmaking, especially in tricks and advanced roles.

For fun, individuals can now make deep swaps from their images, videos, or pictures of their friends. On social media platforms, deepfakes are now centered on comedy.

AI as a Tool for Digital Marketing

Search engines and social media marketing have been able to optimize digital marketing efficiently by mastering customers’ intentions through data calculations, analysis, and past decisions.

It has become easier for businesses to get exposure and reach potential customers to make sales. In short, AI has helped to position business brands and products for customers who would need them in the comfort of their homes.

AI in Supply Chain

AI in supply chain

The supply chain as a major aspect of business leverage AI technology to automate and optimize business logistics.

During the delivery process, computer software is to manage, sort, and pair goods with the right delivery agents. This ensures goods and services are delivered to the right customers as fast as possible.


Artificial intelligence in the digital business has caused rapid expansion in major companies. It has helped the ever-increasing human population demands to reach a state of satisfaction.

According to, AI also is applied in Education to change the learning environment for students.

It has also helped the movie industry to produce more captivating and advanced movie and music scenes through the use of good deepfake projects.

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