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AI clothes remover is one of the more controversial applications that allows users to remove clothes from images. However, in recent years, we’ve experienced remarkable advancements in AI technology in general. This led to the development of hundreds of applications across numerous industries.

That said, we cannot deny that AI clothing remover is something that captured everyone’s attention. Have you ever wondered how some women would look naked? Whether you have always had a crush on a celebrity or anyone in real life, with just a picture, you can see them naked. Here is how an AI clothing remover app works.

About AI Clothes Remover

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science involving intelligent systems that can perform tasks that often require human intelligence. For example, analyzing data and making an informed decision. However, with the progression of AI tech, we can perform tasks without the need for human intelligence.

One of the most popular forms of such AI tech we can find online is the one that provides us with dressed undressed results, the AI clothes remover. AI photo undresser will focus specifically on manipulating the image to remove clothes from any individuals in the photos.

Types of Image Undressers

There are two main ways that an AI clothes remover website/app can help you remove clothes from pictures:

  • The Faceswapping Method: Today, some AI clothes remover options feature the option to let you faceswap any naked pictures or videos. This means that by finding sexy videos and photos, you can faceswap the actresses in action and virtually undress any person you want.
  • The Undressing Method: The technology is not yet perfected, so they work the best with pictures where women already do not have that many clothes on. Some AI undress apps can undress multiple people simultaneously.

Top 5 AI Clothes Removers (Best for Nude Deepfake)

1.  Deepswap (Web)


Undressing photos, videos or GIFs with high accuracy is the easiest if you use a program that works with deepfake AI technology, like Deepswap. Instead of removing clothes directly from a photo, you can use the deepfake technology to swap faces and get the illusion of undressing whoever you want.

All you need is a picture, video, or GIF, of somebody nude, and a picture with the face of a person you want to see naked. With its deepfake and undresser tool, you’ll be able to put faces on any nude body with just a couple of clicks, no blur and no watermark.

Deepswap AI clothers remover easily pastes the face of whoever you want onto a sexy image, GIF, and video, giving you the illusion of undressing them. The online AI clothes remover also works with high-quality videos (up to 10 minutes and 100MB), so you can easily create adult content. Plus, all first-time users are given a 50% discount on their first membership purchase.

Try Deepswap and fast remove clothes on images/ videos/ GIF:

Undress Now

Besides removing clothing, the AI undresser also allows you to make AI girl nude in real or anime style. In its “AI girl generator”, all you need to do is to describe the girl in your dream. Then, Deepswap will do its magic and turn the text or prompt into a sexy girl without clothing.

Moreover, the clothes remover website supports faceswap celeb lookalike onto your generated real girl. So, it is easy and fast to generate catgirl hentai, foxgirl, girls in lingerie, etc. You can customize AI girl nude in whatever appearance, pose, and scene.

Try dress remover AI that makes girls naked:

Make Nude AI Girl

[Bonus] How to Fast Get an Undressed Photo with AI

Many AI clothes remover programs allow you to create nudes from photos, GIFs, and videos. But one of the easiest ways to create nudes from virtually any photo is to use a deepfake AI. Here’s how to fast remove clothes on a photo:

  • Step 1. Upload Your File

    Upload a photo, GIF, or video file with the naked body that you wish to paste a face on.deepsukebe-step-2-upload

  • Step 2. Add a Target Face

    Once your file has been uploaded, click “Add Face” to upload a target face to your project. It will replace the source face on the naked body.

  • Step 3. Generate Undressing Result

    Generate the results by clicking “Face swap.” Then click “Save” to download the undressing results.

  • How to Make AI Girl Nude in Real or Anime Style

    Here’re steps to fast generate an undressed AI girl with this AI clothes remover:

  • Step 1. Enter Text/ Prompt

    Type your description or click a tag to describe your undressed AI character. For example, you enter keywords like “catgirl, naked, brown hair, sitting” for your DIY nude cat girl.

  • Step 2. Preset and Generate the Character

    Choose the style and image options. Then, click “Generate” button for the AI clothes remover magic.

    The “Real Girl” style allows an extra option of faceswap. You can upload a reference photo, e.g. a celeb facial image, to make your undressed AI character look like someone. As for the “Anime Girl” style, it supports three image sizes.

  • Step 3. Download Clothing Removed Image

    Now, save your AI nude girl image. If you’re not satisfied with it, click “Re-Create” for new generation. In “Real Girl” result, you can also apply “Face swap” to deepfake the generated undressed AI character.

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2.  FaceMagic (App)


FaceMagic is yet another great faceswap app providing you with realistic results. Instead of directly undressing the picture, it allows you to faceswap any two images you want. FaceMagic also works with videos. Simply upload an image and faceswap it to another picture or video, and enjoy the illusion of undressing whoever you want.

The AI clothes remover was released in 2021, and is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to undress a picture by using deepfake AI technology. All you need is a nude picture or video, and this app will do all the work for you.

3.  Deepfacelab (Web)


Sometimes it’s much easier to undress a photo with faceswap technology. This is why browser programs such as Deepfacelab have become so popular. This in-browser clothes remover website provides us with a dominant deepfake framework that works great with faceswapping.

You’ll be given all the necessary tools with a user-friendly interface allowing you to easily create faceswap content. Deepfacelab provides you with impressive results of face swaps. It is easy to use, and the website even provides you with a tutorial.

4.  FaceApp (App)


As one of the more popular photo editing apps you’ve probably already heard of FaceApp. This is a freemium app, meaning that you can use it for free, but it is much better if you decide to pay. The AI clothes remover works with advanced machine-learning techniques to alter pictures.

This is why photos edited through FaceApp look quite realistic with over 60 high-quality filters. You can choose from their list of celebrities or simply add a custom picture to morph into the photo. There is also a faceswapping feature in the photo editor section.

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5.  Hoodem (Web)


This is yet another clothes remover website allowing you to automatically create deepfake videos. The website provides users with an amazing algorithm that does all the work for us. It uses deep learning algorithms to transfer anyone’s face onto a photo. This can be a photo of any human being, a fictional character, a human-like object, etc.

To start using Hoodem, simply select a video you want to upload. The videos can only be 2 minutes long. Then select one of the faces you want to add to the video and wait for the results. Once Hoodem is done generating results, you will be able to download them.

Top 5 AI Clothing Removers (Best for Undressing)

1.  Deepsukebe (Web)


Deepsukebe is a browser app describing itself as an AI nudifier for everything. The app is anonymous, claiming that it does not save generated results unless for itself. You can delete the nudified photo yourself or the in-browser AI clothes remover will do it for you.

This AI tech was created by Japanese researchers to undress photos. You can easily upload photos of clothes women, no matter the shape, size, or color. Deepsukebe will then use its AI tech to undress those images and provide you with fast nude results.

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2. (Web)


Deepnude is a website that uses AI tech to provide users with sexy nude pictures of women. It allows you to upload photos of women you wish to undress with just a click of a button. It does not matter if you upload photos of your friends, crush, or your favorite celebrity. Deepnude will provide you with realistic and high-quality nudes.

The tech is not in its perfect form just yet, which is why they also provide you with v2. This version comes with a significant image improvement quality. Deepnude clothes remover website can be used for free with some limitations, or you can purchase credits and enjoy creating nudes without limits.

3.  SoulGen (Web)


SoulGen is an AI portrait generator that can help you generate an image of any person you want. This generator can freely create any image you have in mind, from your entered text to the selection of tags, categories, and artistic styles. Soulgen works with deep learning algorithms that are constantly training in order to provide us with unique and authentic results.

You can choose to undress or change the clothes of photos you’ve generated or uploaded. This in-browser tool also provides you with anime and real-life portraits. It offers various customization tools, and leaves you with high-quality results. Simply upload an image or choose the one from your upload history, and select a specific area you wish to alter. You can undress parts of clothing, change their color, or modify areas.

4.  Nudifier (App)


Nudifier is a fun and user-friendly image undresser designed to nudify any photo. Snap or upload a photo you wish to undress, and let the Nudifier AI clothes remover app do all the work for you. The results are quite realistic and sexy. It works great on people, as well as inanimate objects and pets.

5.  RefacePorn (Web)


RefacePorn is a reface browser application, allowing users to create quality deepfake videos. The clothes remover website is easy to use and has plenty of positive reviews. To enjoy RefacePorn simply visit the website and register. Then upload videos and photos you wish to face swap and enjoy highly realistic results.

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Removing clothes or creating deepfake content no longer requires knowledge of many editing programs. All you need is a good AI clothes remover app, and you’ll get to enjoy great results with just a couple of clicks. 

AI technology has advanced so much that these results can often be ultra realistic, and many AI tools work with both pictures and videos. Choosing the right clothes remover website or app all depends on whether you wish to remove clothes from a picture or create deepfake content!

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